“F.T.I. – Ferrovie Turistiche Italiane” is volunteer association. Its target is to preserve the railway heritage from the tracks to the stations and the lines themselves.

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The non-profit Association "F.T.I. - Ferrovie Turistiche Italiane" sells some souvenirs and gadgets joined to the TrenoBLU and Treno Natura initiatives.
These gadgets are available at the FTI office, on the FTI trains or it is possibile to riceive them at home with a bank payment to the following account:

Banca Popolare di Bergamo
Agenzia di Chiuduno (BG)
IBAN IT58 W054 2852 8700 00000020463
With an amount higher than € 50,00 you will receive for free a ballpoint pen, a pin and two stickers.
Postal fees: € 5,00 (till 1 kg. by ordinary mail) € 8,00 (over 1 kg. by ordinary mail)

Cofanetto 8 cartoline € 5,00

1 t-shirt (bambino) € 5,00
2 t-shirt (bambino) € 10,00 € 9,00

Portachiavi € 3,00 cad.

Magneti € 3 cad.